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LAGUNA BEACH; THE COMMUNiTY [entries|friends|calendar]

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some Lb banners [12 Nov 2005|03:24pm]


Take and enjoy whatever you want, Comment about whatever you want lol, and Please Credit gripkid , i don't really care where you use it just don't take credit lol   LB banners this a wayCollapse )

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since i want to pimp a new community of mine, even though it says no community promotion in here well i though this would be a great one chance to pimp your community in x_lagunabeach okay so yea pimp it out you whores (by commenting).

thats mine. the layout isnt done yet so dont mind it.
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PUBLiC POST 2 [26 Aug 2005|09:10pm]

after you have been accepted into this community, don't forget to add it to your friends list so you'd be updated.

& also if you were rejected there were some reasons. you either didn't credit your icons/banners/graphics. even if you made it, you should credit yourself then. & then some suspicious lj's were rejected. the ones with no friends, but tons of graphics journals, & the ones that never even had one post up. then it makes me think you're one of those people who create those gayass icon stealing journals/xangas & you're out to steal our iconss. rawrr. sorry if i assumed wrong. but i like to keep on the safe side :)

if you have any comments, concerns, or complaints about why you were rejected and stuff. comment here.
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PUBLiC POST [05 Aug 2005|09:24pm]

okay so i went back & commented on peoples journal who dont credit icon makers. i've also removed people who went to the extent of redistributing graphics. this community is now moderated membership. you're only accepted if your icons are credited. i think you guys need to learn how to respect iconmakers who take time off their lives to make you guys icons. anyways, you MUST credit makers. sorry if this is a pain in your ass, but im getting really tired of it.

dont know how to credit?
go here
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[18 Jul 2005|04:00pm]

welcome to x_lagunabeach the community. This is a LOCKED community. To view the graphics in here, you must join. Remember to read the rules before joining :) No stealing graphics, and always remmeber to credit the person who made them.
NOTE: when posting graphics, remember to use lj cuts and keep the post protected. thanks :D

&; if you want to be an affiliate, post here and i'll get back to you asap :D
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